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2017 Twin Lakes  Autoslalom Information and Rules

An Autoslalom (also known as Solo, Solo2, Autocross, or AutoX) event is a driving skills challenge that consists of driving through a course laid out using pylons against the clock. Cars race independently of each other ,which greatly reduces the risk of competitors coming in contact. Each run is electronically timed, and at the end of the day, the fastest driver in each class is the winner.

Almost any driver can participate in almost any car, no matter how old, the make, the model, or the modifications that have been done to the vehicle.  As long as the car meets certain safety standards, Autoslalom has a class for your car. Events run all day, beginning in the morning with registration, a course walk through, driver’s meeting then the actual event itself. If time permits at the end of the day ‘fun runs’ may be available to practice and hone your skills without the timed competition.

2017 Schedule:

For 2017, TLMC slalom series returns to the Barrie Molson Centre parking lot and our dates are below.


Slalom Details


Sunday May 14

TLMC Championship Points Event #1


Sunday June 11

TLMC Championship Points Event #2


Sunday June 25

CASC – Regional Event #2
TLMC Championship Points Event #3

CASC Regional
Results Page

Sunday July 9

TLMC Championship Points Event #4


Sunday July 30

TLMC Championship Points Event #5


Saturday August 19

CASC Regional Event #5
TLMC Championship Points Event #6

 CASC Regional
Results Page

Sunday August 20

CASC Regional Event #6
TLMC Championship Points Event #7

 CASC Regional
Results Page

Sunday September 10

TLMC Championship Points Event #8

TLMC Overall Championship

There will be 8 regular events for 2017. Points towards the club championship are awarded only at the events where membership is valid as points cannot be awarded retroactively.

Our schedule is as follows for each event but is subject to change.

8:00 am  –  Registration Opens
9:00 am  –  Registration Closes
9:15 am  –  Driver’s Meeting  (All Drivers Must Attend)
9:30 am  –  First Car On Course
4:00 pm  –  The Final Runs of the day must start before
5:00 pm  –  Fun Runs (if there are any) End – Clean-up Starts

2017 Entry Fees:

Pre-register via

TLMC Members for 2017 – $25
Non-TLMC Members – $35

Walk-in – Day of the Event.

TLMC Members for 2017 – $30
Non-TLMC Members – $40

More than one driver may be registered per car, however if you do not arrive early enough the organizers reserve the right to not allow both drivers to run.

Drivers are not allowed to compete in more than one car.

Vehicle: Must be a 4-wheeled vehicle with an effective muffler, secure battery and must be free of loose items that might fall off of the car. Inside the car, the interior and trunk/hatch must be free of loose items such as iPods, CD’s or ice scrapers that could interfere with the driver during competition. The driver is responsible for vehicle safety.

Classes: Being a CASC-OR club TLMC abides by the CASC Autoslalom rule set.

CASC-OR Autoslalom Rules:

Classes: TLMC has adopted the CASC-OR Autoslalom rule set, which uses SCCA car classification. Car classifications are closely monitored by the SCCA and while they can appear daunting, the goal is to have fun against similar cars and TLMC will assist with getting competitors classed.

SCCA Car Classifications:

Eligibility: Competitors must possess a valid driver’s license. Everyone on site, including spectators, must sign the waiver form. Passengers are permitted as per the CASC-OR Autoslalom rules.

Helmet: Competitors and passengers must be wearing a Snell approved M2005, M2010, M2015 or SA2005, SA2010 or SA2015 helmet or better. Loaner helmets are available.  

We follow ASN Canada FIA Helmet Regulations and the helmet regulation information listed on this site is for reference only.

For more information please visit

Please note in ASN Canada FIA regulation 4.5.2 in regards to vehicles equipped with a rollcage, racing slicks or classified as “modified” as M2005, M2010, and M2015 helmets are not acceptable. Helmets will be checked periodically.

Marshalling: Each competitor is to report to the TLMC chief marshal immediately after completing each run to find out their marshaling assignment. If a driver doesn’t complete all of their marshalling stints they will lose their fastest time and risk not being allowed to enter future events.

Timing: Timing is done electronically and drivers must be aware of the position of the timing equipment. Each pylon knocked out of its box or tipped over on course results in 2 seconds added to a competitor’s time. A DNF is given if the competitor goes off course or hits the end cone (varies by event) in the stop box.

Class Position: Each competitor best run will be scored, and then placed in order by time.

TLMC Points: Each prep level class winner will receive 100 points, and subsequent competitor’s score will be a percentage of the class prep level winner’s score. Competitor’s overall score is the sum of his/her best 4 event scores.

Club Championship: TLMC Members – 1st overall receives club trophy and keeper trophy. 1st and 2nd and 3rd in each combined prep level receive keeper trophy.

Novice Championship: To qualify as a novice, you must not have competed in more than two Autoslalom events and be a TLMC member. The scoring will be the sum of her/his best 3 of 6 events. 

Membership fee: $25.00 per year. A membership will reduce your entry fee and allow you to compete for points in the club championship.
Note: Memberships will NOT be available at the event.

Volunteers: Do you enjoy TLMC events? Our club runs on volunteers only! Most of the people you see at registration, setting up the course and timing gear are racers just like you. The rest are just there to help. Running these events takes dedication to the fun of the sport and we appreciate any offer to help!

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